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                           HELLO CAMPERS...



Pilot (1980)

Series One (1981)

Desire In The Mickey Mouse Grotto

The Beauty Queen Affair

The Partridge Season

The Day Of Reckoning

Charity Begins At Home

No Dogs Allowed

Series Two (1981)

If Wet - In The Ballroom

Peggy's Big Chance

Lift Up Your Minds

On With The Motley

A Night Not To Remember

Sausages Or Limelight

Series Three (1982)

Nice People With Nice Manners

Carnival Time

A Matter Of Consicence

The Pay-Off

Trouble And Strife

Series Four (1982/83)


Co-respondent's Course

It's A Blue World

Eruptions (Christmas special)

The Society Entertainer

Sing You Sinners

Maplin Intercontinental

All Change

Series Five (1983/84)


Save Our Heritage

Empty Saddles

The Marriage Settlement

The Graven Image

Peggy's Penfriend

The Epidemic

Series Six (1984)

Together Again

Ted At The Helm

Opening Day

Off With The Motley

Hey Diddle Diddle, Who's On The Fiddle ?


Series Seven (1985/86)

The Great Cat Robbery (Christmas special)

It's Murder

Who Killed Mr. Partridge ?

Spaghetti Galore

A Lack Of Punch

Ivory Castles In The Air

Man Trap

Series Eight (1986)

Pigs Might Fly

The New Broom

Orphan Of The Storm

God Bless Our Family

Only The Brave

September Song (Christmas special)

Series Nine (1987/88)

Tell It To The Marines (Christmas special)

Marry Go Round

The Perils Of Peggy

Let Them Eat Cake

Wedding Bells

The Wind Of Change

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