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                           HELLO CAMPERS...



On 6th November 1982, the children's Saturday morning magazine show Saturday Superstore went behind the scenes of Hi-de-Hi! when Keith Chegwin popped into the studio next door to chat with David Croft and the cast who were hard at work doing pre-recording for the episode "Eruptions". We here at Maplin's recently discovered an old audio tape that had recorded the encounter and you can hear the cast including Felix Bowness, Simon Cadell, Paul Shane, Ruth Madoc et al discussing the programme which was then at a peak in popularity. The short section culminates in an attempt to run through a scene in a chalet between Mr. Partridge and Fred Quilly although Felix is reduced to a fit of the giggles from the off ! Although the quality isn't brilliant we thought we would share it with our happy campers. Enjoy !

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