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                           HELLO CAMPERS...


Maplin's Gallery

HI DE HI TOUR 2010 HI DE HI TOUR 2010 GLADYS SUPERVISES THE STAFF The staff room at Maplin's, Crimpton On Sea. 74724027 YVONNE AND BARRY TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC "It's like dancing with an all-in wrestler!" Barry Howard and Nikki Kelly return to Maplin's ! 74724028 SONS OF THE SEA Bobbing up and down... 74724029 PEGGY TRIES TO IMPRESS JEFF 74724030 JEFFREY LISTENS TO MR. PARTRIDGE 74724031 JEFFREY READS JOE'S LETTER "Now you lot get a load of this..." 74724032 WILSON, KEPPEL AND BETTY ? A great musical moment from the show. 74724033 VIPERS AT EACH OTHER'S THROATS Barry is not impressed when Yvonne decides to enter the Best Yellowcoat Competition. 74724034 SPIKE GETS IT IN THE KISSER ! The first rule of comedy... 74724035 PEGGY YEARNS FOR HER YELLOWCOAT Abigail Finlay brings Peggy Ollerenshaw back to life. 74724036 THE YELLOWCOATS 74724885 JEFFREY'S OFFICE 74724886 MAPLIN'S, CRIMPTON ON SEA 74724887 TED AND SPIKE 74724888 JIMMY PERRY OBE WITH THE 2010 CAST 74725607 Bert Swanley and the Debonairs The fabulous backing band on the tour: Tom Carradine, Tom Early and Dan Hall. 77768817 Abigail Finley as Peggy 77768818 Andrew Fettes as Fred Quilly 77768819 Barry Howard as Barry Stuart-Hargreaves 77768820 Ben Roddy as Spike Dixon 77768821 Carrie Larence as Tracey Bentwood 77768822 Damian Williams as Ted Bovis 77768823 Dieter Thomas as a Yellowcoat 77768824 Helen Bennett as a Yellowcoat 77768825 Kate Burrell as Sylvia Garnsey 77768826 Lauren Harrison as Betty Whistler 77768827 Nikki Kelly as Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves 77768828 Peter Amory as Jeffrey Fairbrother 77768829 Rebecca Bainbridge as Gladys Pugh 77768830 Richard Colson as Mr. Partridge 77768831 David Croft and Su Pollard with the girls from Hi-de-Hi 77768832 Damian, Nikki, Jeffrey Holland and Ben The original Spike offers his support to the touring cast. 77769135 Damian, Jimmy Perry and Ben 77769136