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                           HELLO CAMPERS...


Maplin's Gallery

30th ANNIVERSARY & BOOK LAUNCH 30th ANNIVERSARY & BOOK LAUNCH Andy Faber as Jeffrey Fairbrother Our very own Jeffrey reads out one of Joe Maplin's wonderful letters. 72041160 Susie Brann and Rob Cope The co-author of the Hi-de-Hi and YRML book gets a cuddle from Miss Poppy 72041161 Charles Garland The lynchpin behind You Rang and Dr. Beeching gives a speech. 72042940 Matt Grindley Here Matt works his magic on an unimpressed Joe Blackie and a fellow Yellowcoat. 72042941 Matt Grindley Flirting with Darren Horton from Hull 72042942 Paul Shane signs an autograph Something fans never thought they would see - Paul with a pen in his hand ready to sign !!! 72042943 Su and Terry Two of the real stars of the weekend 72042944 Mr. Teddy and Ivy Michael Knowles and Su Pollard recreated for us for the first time in 17 years the famous characters from You Rang M'Lord ? 72042945 Tony's Trattoria One of the many locations visited on the foot tour around Dovercourt 72042946 Bill Pertwee MBE Veteran star Bill implores us not to forget the late great Felix Bowness - and we didn't ! 72042947 The Electric Palace The beautiful cinema where the Maplin's crowd went to celebrate April's birthday and got to see the war film A FEW CAME BACK. 72042948 Susie Brann Signing and chatting at the book launch 72043970 Terry Creasey & Chris Andrews A legendary Maplin's moment as Terry and Chris - the two actors who played Gary - meet for the very first time. 72043971 Barry Howard with the Tarrans-Hargreaves Barry casts his eye over Joanne and Tony who are set to usurp the Stuart-Hargreaves' as the perfect couple. (Of what we are not so sure !) 72043972 David Croft OBE The Guv'nor ! 72115063 Ruth Madoc When our planned 'Gladys' fell ill during the weekend, everyone was elated when Ruth Madoc stepped into the fray and did a sketch as Gladys. A weekend highlight. 72115064 Ruth Madoc A legend. 72115065 Ruth and Andy Gladys and Jeffrey back together again. 72115066 Barry picks a winner The raffle prizes 72115067 Vince Rayner The magnificent compare for the weekend. A great bloke and a Maplin's legend in his own right. 72115068 Barry and Paul Exhausted by the 2 hour solid signing session 72115069 Roy Moore and Su The amazingly talented Roy who wrote the theme tunes to You Rang, M'Lord and 'Allo 'Allo and several pieces of music for Hi-de-Hi! 72115070 The Webb Twins Yes, Stanley and Bruce themselves were on hand all weekend. 72115071 The book launch line up Only Jo Tarran was missing... damn that elusive woman... 72115072