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                           HELLO CAMPERS...


Maplin's Gallery

HATLEY STATION HATLEY STATION ARLEY STATION Arley Station on the Severn Valley Railway alias Hatley 51145566 IVOR ROBERTS and STEPHEN LEWIS 51145567 FALSE COTTAGES The cottages that the workers of Hatley lived in were in fact false, and only a frontage was built by the BBC. 51145568 PERRY BENSON and BARBARA NEW Two of Hatley's finest 51145569 PAUL SHANE as Jack Skinner 51145570 BARBARA NEW as Vera Plumtree 51145571 JULIA DEAKIN as May Skinner 51145572 SU POLLARD as Ethel Schumann 51145573 IVOR ROBERTS as Arnold 51145574 JEFFREY HOLLAND as Cecil Parkin 51145575 LINDSAY GRIMSHAW as Gloria Skinner 51145576 PAUL ASPEN as Wilfred Schumann 51145577 PERRY BENSON as Ralph 51145578 STEPHEN LEWIS as Harry Lambert 51145579 TARA DANIELS as Amy Matlock 51145680 TERRY JOHN as Percy 51145681 STUDIO RECORDING TICKET For the last episode 'Ton Up'. 51145682