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Maplin's Gallery

CRIMPTON-ON-SEA CRIMPTON-ON-SEA Leslie Dwyer in Softly Softly (BBC TV, 1966) with Stratford Johns 16910242 Diane Holland in Casualty (BBC TV, 2001) A 2001 episode of the medical drama 16910243 Simon Cadell with webmaster Rob 1992 at the Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham 16910244 Hi-de-Hi! stage musical Poster for the run at the Victoria Palace 16956688 Studio Ticket 1981 A ticket to the recording of the HDH episode 'If Wet - In The Ballroom' 16956578 Paul Shane with webmaster Rob Rob takes advice on the first rule of comedy... 18108489 Jeffrey and Gladys Two of Maplin's finest 18110578 PANTO 1981 Hi-de-Hi stars appear in panto with Lena Zavaroni for the 1981 panto season in Birmingham 51146490 SEPTEMBER SONG A photocall for the 1986 Christmas special 51146491 ARE YOU BEING SERVED ? Felix Bowness has the pleasure of Mrs. Slocombe's knickers 51146492 YELLOWCOAT AT LAST ! A newspaper cutting celebrating Peggy finally getting her Yellowcoat. 51146493 DON'T DRESS FOR DINNER 1991 play in the West End featuring Simon Cadell, Su Pollard, John Quayle, Jane How and Briony Glassco. 51146494 VICTORIA PALACE 1983 The venue for the Hi-de-Hi stage show in London. 51146495 BOURNEMOUTH PHOTOCALL A photocall for some of the cast of the Hi-de-Hi stage show in Bournemouth 1983 51146496 THE GREAT CAT ROBBERY Filming on the Olympic sized pool at Dovercourt for the 1985 Christmas special 51146497 SING YOU SINNERS Filming for the 1982 episode. 51146498 YELLOWCOATS On set during the filming of the final episode 51146499