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                           HELLO CAMPERS...



Joanne and Tony Tarran with the irrepressable Su Pollard.

This website is run by the dynamic trio of Joanne Tarran with her husband Tony Tarran, together with Rob Cope.

 Jo and Tony live in Dovercourt, Harwich where Hi-de-Hi! was filmed between 1979 and 1987. Both have memories of the BBC invading their town each autumn to record scenes for Hi-de-Hi! both in the camp and surrounding areas. Jo even had a Saturday job making bed for the intake of new campers at the now demolished Warner's Holiday Centre. Lifelong fans of all of Perry and Croft's comedies, they became involved in the Dad's Army Appreciation Society in 2001. Lending their considerable organisational skills to the Society resulted in them becoming Merchandise Co-ordinators for the DAAS. Under their guidance, the merchandise operation has grown drastically, providing a quality range of products to the massive fan base around the world. Realising that Hi-de-Hi! had never been properly celebrated, they decided to organise the very first public Hi-de-Hi! event to mark 20 years since filming ended. The resulting occasion in 2007 was a huge success. With Jimmy Perry OBE and David Croft OBE as Guests Of Honour and attended by Jeffrey Holland, Su Pollard, Nikki Kelly, The Webb Twins and costume designer Mary Husband. A plaque was unveiled in the foyer of the Cliff Hotel marking the BBC's base for their entire time at Dovercourt. Such was the overwhelming praise for Jo and Tony's efforts, that they decided to do it again, bigger and better in 2009, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of filming commencing in 1979 with David Croft OBE once again as Guest of Honour and 12 cast members from both Hi-de-Hi! and You Rang, M'Lord ? in attendence. They were also appointed as Photo Collators and Editors for the Hi-de-Hi! book and have spent 18 months scouring sources for previously unseen photos and images as well as providing additional research and material for the project. They both feel so lucky to have enjoyed the company of both the writers and stars of the shows on several occasions over the years.

Rob lives in Stoke-On-Trent and has been a fan of Perry and Croft's for as long as he can remember. He was taken to see the It Ain't Half Hot Mum stage show in Scarborough and had the priviledge of attending studio recordings for Hi-de-Hi!, You Rang, M'Lord ? and Oh Doctor Beeching. In 1994 he started the fan magazine 'Hello Campers' devoted to all things Perry and Croft which ran until 1998 when illness forced him to stop. Realising that his favourite shows had not been documented, he joined with fellow fan Mike Fury of Beverley, to write the HI-DE-HI COMPANION which started the long path of research. It was finally published in November 2009 by the Dad's Army Appreciation Society. He counts himself very fortunate to have met so many people involved in the making of his favourite comedies and although he loves them all, would name You Rang, M'Lord ? his favourite if pressed. He has been on medication since meeting Jo and Tony !

 Rob getting up close with Susie Brann alias Miss Poppy Meldrum.

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